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. but it is not true this time. we have become a different country the last three months. newtown changed us. >>> in 1996, the senate's most conservative member, republican jessie helms voted for the defense of marriage act, not surprisingly. today, jessie helms' senate seat is occupied by a democrat, kay hagan, who announced support for marriage equality. that seat change was noticed by the supreme court today as they considered the constitutionality of the defense of marriage act. day two of high stakes arguments at the high court. >> the nation's highest court taking up the defense of marriage act. >> federal ban on same-sex marriage. >> today's doma arguments concern same sex couples already married. >> at the center of this, 83-year-old edith windsor. >> i am an out lesbian who sued the united states of america. >> doma barred the irs from recognizing her marriage. >> recognizing marriage to her partner of 44 years. >> they were making a stranger of this person i lived with and loved. >> the court's liberals were strongly attacking doma. >> i think there are five votes to strike it down
change to the way that the cost of living increases are calculated. real dollars represent a cut over a time window. my chetheory is this is all a g in which they reduce the democrats into advocating the cuts to them so they can turn around and run against democrats for entitlements. this is what they did in 2012. the president came up with ways of cutting medicare and then what did romney do? they said look at their white house. this is what they have done every single time. and what they are trying to do is with their strategy of gridlock convince them that they are so dysfunction al that they get rid of it. >> they said the president won't tackle the entitlement program and he wants to cut medicare. >> and here is harry reid sniffing out the same logic that we saw in the republican alternative. that would have given the president more digression for the cuts. >> they said we are going to cut off three fingers. we want the president to decide which finger goes first. and that is about it. we have tried everything we can and they will not budge on anything. period. >> i have been goi
comprehensive immigration reform, the report suggested no other policy changes. >> to be clear, our principles are sound. it all goes back to what our moms used to tell us. it's not just what you say, it's how we say it. it's not about altering our principles. i think it is about the way we communicate. >> the republican who communicates the most responded this way. >> that's not at all what they've got to do. all they have to do, the republican party lost because it is not conservative. it didn't get its base out in the 2012 election. >> that's been a real republican problem, you give people the impression they're not wanted. >> no, we don't. my point is we don't do that. and it's going to be a big mistake if the republican party thinks they're doing that. who is doing that? that convention was story after story after story of the american dream, being realized, by people of so-called diversity. if anything scared people about our convention, it was the notion of hard work in the era of food stamps and unemployment compensation. the republican battle has got to be to reshape what is thought a
a lot of political capital. >> on changing the country's gun laws. >> we need everybody to remember how we felt 100 days ago. this time really is different. >> president's address will coincide with 140 events in 29 states. >> national day of action. calling on congress to pass new gun laws. >> to pressure congress on background checks. >> it's looking harder than anybody thought. >> the name of the game is getting 60 votes for democrats right now. >> republican senator chuck grassley. >> the grassley amendment in the senate. >> is crafting his own gun bill. >> strips out the universal background checks. >> known to be an opponent of background checks. >> everyone knows the politics of this issue are hard. >> we've got to suck it up. be courageous and do the right thing. >> there are some powerful voices on the other side interested in running out the clock or changing the subject. >> there is not a bill on the hill that provides a universal check. >> why not? >> universal checks is a dishonest premise. criminals aren't going to be checked. >> i think they're out of touch with the ameri
? >> that is good news. >> you know, the sequester has happened. >> how does that change the equation? the dire predictions that we have heard regarding the sequester? >> we need to do everything we can to avoid self-inflicting wounds. >> people are finally optimistic. >> but it has to be based on common sense. >> i would like to say that common sense has come out of the closet. >> bill clinton calls for an end to doma. >> former president bill clinton is having a change of heart and urging the supreme court to do the same. >> clinton made doma the law of the land, clearly he was not proud to do. it was done under the cover of darkness. >> i believe that doma is unconstitutional. >> we learned from history. >> i know it is unconstitutional. >> we learn from history. >> this is a discriminatory law. >> this is a civil rights battle that is very nearly won. >> we learned today that the economy added 236,000 jobs in february. and the unemployment rate is down to 7.7%. the lowest since 2008. and all of that is very good news. now, sometimes these jobs reports, it can be sort of good news at the top
that would change the topic of the conversation away from the primary thing that was most important to me. i thought it was too important for me to just stand-up and say hey, i did it and try to get a little bit of fame. >> mr. romney, at that point in that tape says he wants you to put out the full tape. what was your response? >> let's do it. he asked for it, let's do it. called it a snippet insinuating it was taken out of context. so, at that point, he asked for it, so i decided to give it to him. >> president obama used your material to close a debate at a very crucial time after his first debate was heavily criticized. this was his closing statement. what was going through your mind? >> it was the last line of the debate. i was sitting on the edge of my couch at the time. i was watching the first debate and there was no mention of it. you know, there was certainly a cheer erupted in the room at the time. i was thrilled that he hit him with it when he did. you know, it was well done. it worked out exactly the way i hoped it would. i'm thrilled he mentioned it. i think he used it to great
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changed because of it. and more americans are alive because of it. and they are not being held accountable so far. but maybe that can change. now it is time for the last boa word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >> last year paul ryan was dreaming of having walking working lunches in the white house. and today his dream came true sort of. >> there is new hope for a grand bargain. >> to tackle the nation's soaring deficit. >> it was serious and face-to-face. >> i see the president reaching out. >> this is what the american people want. >> the mood was very positive. >> we are willing to talk. >> 2012 vp candidate congressman paul ryan. >> we have bipartisan activity. >> this is what the american people want. >> did one dinner break the ice? yoo all they need is a hug and a lun. >> we have bipartisan activity. >> is that washington bologna. >> the dinner is sad but it makes sense. ♪ >> last night spontaneity broke out. >> i will speak as long as it takes. >> if you are sitting at a cafe they shouldn't drop a missile on your experience. >> with the help of a few colleagues. >> t
for the next ten years and none of this, no amount of dinners changes the structural sentence here. >> i feel like we are in a new pattern here. one shame and two smoke. >> he has been explicit of kicking things up stairs. the senate passes the bill and kicks it down to the house and it becomes so shameful for boehner and the republicans sweep into pass the bill that they don't have to have their fingerprints on it. >> bill o'reilly said, let's take one more look at that. >> he is cutting medicare. >> no, that is not specific. he has to say, here are the programs that are going to go down. here is how we are going to reform social security and the man -- hold it. because now i'm getting teed off at you. give me one darn program that he said he would cut. not entitlements one program. because you are lying. >> chris, it is tradition di. it is comedy. bill o'reilly was speaking for most republicans in congress and probably every republican voter out there who listens to them. a that is true. b, the game plan here is hilarious to me. they say look, we need the president to do, is basically shoot
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. >> this is something we should allow people to do. >> people are changing. >> 81% of young people support same-sex marriage. >> a marriage is between one man and one woman. >> speaker boehner says house republicans are in a good spot. >> the government is likely to stay open. >> the revenue discussion is over. >> at least for now. >> how could you describe the current state of the gop? >> you're asking me a question i can't answer. >> this is a party in turmoil. >> it's not about the messaging. it's the message. >> get ready, america, for a brand new republican party. >> we have a party that's goodbye to be inclusive. >> sign up today and get a free bag of weed. >>> the most memorable and most important day in the history of american presidential trips to israel was today. president richard nixon was the first president to go to israel. he may have done to simply to distract public attention from the investigation that was corroding his presidency and eventually led to his resignation, because we have had precious few presidents more cynical than richard nixon. the next president, gerald ford,
, they volunteer in the community. this is what the vast majority of the american people still are. what's changed is the world around us. >> senator rubio acknowledged that voters see the republican party as the party fighting for rich guys like mitt romney. >> they look to washington, d.c. as if they don't have enough troubles to begin with. every week, washington is creating some sort of man-made crisis for them to worry about. and they look at the political process, whether it's fair or not, and what many of them see is, they think that one side is fighting for the people that have made it, and all of the other side does is fight for government policies to protect the people who are struggling. and they don't want to take anything away from anybody. the vast majority of americans and the hard-working middle class. >> and here is marco rubio's big idea about how republicans can change all that. >> we don't need a new idea. there is an idea. the idea is called america. and it still works! >> marco rubio was followed by rand paul, who announced a budget that will balance twice as fast as the one
there and it is my sense and many people's sense that it absolutely changed the nature of the campaign from that point forward. james carter iv, an honor to have you joining us tonight. as long as the person who made the video remains anonymous, you remain the only mvp of the 2012 campaign who we know by name. i'm ready to make you number two as soon as that other person comes forward. james, thanks very much. >> thank you for having me. >>> coming up, the diplomacy of dennis rodman. i'll be joined by the new york times reporter who pieced together the story of how dennis rodman got into north korea. and the rodman proposal. president obama picking up the phone and calling the north korean dictator. >>> two prostitutes rewrite their story about a senator. it will if it's new outlast stay fabulous foundation. it's a primer, concealer and foundation in one for all day flawless skin. new outlast stay fabulous from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. new outlast stay fabulous with an advanced degree inoking education from capellalp them university, full potential. you'll be better equipped to de
by the pentagon. and i think that, again, is a change in the program, because, again, john understands where we are is just not sustainable. >> that's a big deal. if it is true that the new cia director doesn't think the cia should be killing people with drones, that the military should be doing it instead, that's a big deal. but you know what would be a bigger deal? is if the president agreed with that. should we see the president's nomination of john brennan to run the cia as a sign that the president agrees with that and that that change is going to happen? >> i believe so. >> the nomination of john brennan should be seen as a sign that president obama may take drones out of the hands of the cia and put them under the control of the military. that would make drone strikes like normal war and not the secretive, unaccountable, denied truth that they are right now. if that is what this nomination means, and this nomination goes forward by the end of the week, our whole country is going to change in terms of how accountable our current war is to we, the people, to whom it is supposed to be accou
it to the states. if you live in the state where the governor is conservative, they can change the eligibility rules and bounce you off medicaid and leave you with nothing. he wants to do a lot of the same things with programs for the poor, food stamps, he wants to take away the food program, if you're in a state with a governor that decides it is immoral to give you food stamps, they can change eligibility and bounce you out of food stamps. it is the cruelist budget he has come up with yet. and that's saying a lot. that's bad because it is saying the basis is cuts to the poor. >> are you kind of putting a stick in the president's ear, you had lunch with him. >> right. >> did you tell him at lunch you would call for repeal of obama care. >> he knows the budget we were coming up with. i gave him more or less the kind of budget we were going to come up with. let me put it this way, ask a person watching the show in business. do you start with your last offer first in a negotiation? no, of course not. >> robert reich, this is his first offer in the negotiation? >> well, not only is it first offer
, a dramatic change from 2008. >> let me ask you. with your legal team in there today, what do you think they saw as the things that give them the most encouragement and the clearest signals about how to argue their case tomorrow? >> you know, look, i am not a pundit or legal scholar, i will leave that to julian to articulate what the justices, what one could read or perhaps not read, but i know from our perspective, having ted olson and david boies, republican and democrat, representing the four plaintiffs and families seated before the justices, we couldn't have had a better team in there articulating why proposition 8 is unconstitutional, why it should be erased from our books forever. and i know that those who are working so hard to make the case for doma, and make the case it is unconstitutional, edie windsor, the plaintiff in that case was treated when her wife passed away and she received a $360,000 estate tax bill because they were a same sex couple, that's outrageous. that's outrageous. we look forward to seeing those arguments tomorrow. i will be in the courtroom tomorrow, look
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, those military activities should be conducted by the pentagon. and i think that, again, is a change in the program, because, again, john understands where we are is just not sustainable. >> that's a big deal. if it is true that the new cia director doesn't think the cia should be killing people with drones, that the military should be doing it instead, that's a big deal. but you know what would be a bigger deal? is if the president agreed with that. should we see the president's nomination of john brennan to run the cia as a sign that the president agrees with that and that that change is going to happen? >> i believe so. >> the nomination of john brennan should be seen as a sign that president obama may take >>> a couple of hours ago, bill o'reilly really lost it on his show. and tonight, fair and balanced bill is one very angry republican. >> give me one damned program he said he'd cut. one! >> smart spending cuts, entitlement reform, tax reform. >> why are you yelling? >> because you're lying! >> the sequel to the sequester. >> everybody has agreed that the sequester is idiotic.
and one woman. >> they haven't changed their policies. >> house republicans tomorrow vote on the ryan budget. >> notorious paul ryan budget. >> putting out yet again a budget. >> an actual budget, political manifesto or long term liability? >> we are not going to refight the past. >> our budget and your budget contrast. >> what happens next? >>> republican re-branding week continues to go, well, badly. especially if you listen to republicans. >> if any party needed rebooting, our party did, but i don't know, i looked at the press conference, read some of the documents and i'm left wondering whether these people get it. >> one reliable element of the republican base, the christian right, is feeling left out. according to buzzfeed, the word christian doesn't appear once, nor does the word church, abortion and marriage, the two issues that most animate social conservatives are nowhere to be found. there's nothing about the need to protect religious liberty or promote judeo-christian values in society. today, the party that says it can no longer survive as the party of the rich acted like
would react when i said his secret service code name because he aged a bit in the white house changed from renegade to 50 shades of gray. is that something i normally say to the president of the united states, no, only in that room. >> did you sneak a look at him every time you made a joke every time to make sure it was okay? >> i did, i would like to remain on his export counsel, i was hoping he took it in good humor. >> karen, you have been to a lot of these, i have been to one of these a long time ago. it is different from all of the rest because it really in the past always was a really sealed room and next to nothing leaked out about what was said there. now more and more leaks out. and finally, finally, we have secretly recorded video from the gridiron, which by the way, when you look at the camera angle, it wasn't so secretly recorded. obviously he was holding up a camera phone getting the shot. that's a big break for protocol there. >> the gridiron club, the traditions of gridiron go back to the grover cleveland administration, and if you look around the room, it looks like so
problem, and what they're going to have to do is change the way they are talked about. they don't have to change who they are. these rebranding efforts never work. they never fool anybody. >> nia, it is hard for a republican trying to figure out immigration reform, what should i say today about it. seems the ap got an early draft of the speech, seemed to tell them he was for a path to citizenship, now he is not. >> they used language that he was implicitly for citizenship. we have seen this with jeb bush who was for citizenship, in his book, don't know if he wrote it, seemed to not be for citizenship, now he is for citizenship. saw it with marco rubio, his speech at cpac, immigration reform, he doesn't even mention it. we are seeing there's a wing in the republican party when they hear citizenship, they here amnesty. and that's why they're in trouble with this. if you look at the polls, most republicans actually want a comprehensive immigration reform, something like 60%. you see this dance that these figures have to take around the issue. >> sam, it is not like rand paul didn't know.
are ready for a change. >> we're not eliminating choice at all. we're just saying after 12 weeks, the choice is over. >> planned parent hood cecile richard issued this statement. we are deeply disappointed that the arkansas legislature voted to impose the most restrictive ban on safe and legal abortion in the country. the majority of arkansasans and the majority of americans don't want politicians involved in a woman's personal medical decisions about her pregnancy. governor beebe rightfully vetoed this legislation and the legislature would have been wise to let the veto stand. tonight the aclu tells politico it will partner for the center of reproductive rights to challenge the new law. joining me now is ian carmone, staffwriter for dot-com, and martha, a woman who works for women's rights. martha, it is in clear violation of roe versus wade, a clear constitution of the land, and here you have a legislature that is voting its state, as the governor told them, into an expensive legal process that as the law stands today is going to cost them a lot of money and they're going to lose. >> well,
the country is changing and voters in the middle won't tolerate it. >> karen finney, a striking quote from a lesbian that wants to marry her partner, happens to be a cousin of the chief justice of the united states supreme court. she has said he is a smart man, he is a good man, i believe he sees where the tide is going. i do trust him. i absolutely trust that he will go in a good direction. i guess it is a question of how well does she know her cousin. >> that's a fine question. i don't want to prejudge or jinx it, but i think it is the right thing to do, but from a legal standpoint i take the position as an interracial person, when my parents were married in 1967, it was illegal in their home states for them to be married. my own grandfather, you know, opposed their marriage on moral and legal grounds. so many of the arguments that we're hearing now about why same sex couples shouldn't be married, they said blacks and whites can't marry, that's not a valid marriage. a lot of the same kinds of arguments. the law i think is there and the precedent is there to say we can't create separate b
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